Dalmatian Dog


We have three affordable overnight boarding packages with a variety of amenities for you to choose from. Starting from $30/per night. Your pup will be playing out in the yard from 6am-7pm & then in their own rooms for bedtime overnight. 


Classic Pup - $30



  • Unlimited potty breaks

  • Play-yard fun and socializing all-day 

  • Nightly treat and belly rub session

  • Play-yard webcams 

  • 3x2ft. cabin to sleep in






Mini Suite:


Luxury Suite:


Mini-Suite - $45


  • Unlimited potty breaks

  • Play-yard fun and socializing

  • Morning & Night treats

  • Belly rub/Brush out session

  • Play-yard webcams 

  • Daily peanut butter snack

  • 4x4ft. cabin to sleep in


Luxury Suite - $60

  • Nutritious meals (If Wanted)

  • Unlimited potty breaks

  • Play-yard fun and socializing

  • Morning & Night treats

  • Belly rub/Brush out session daily

  • Play-yard webcams AND bedroom webcams

  • Daily peanut butter snack

  • Premium twin size mattress with memory foam bedding

  • Doggie flat-screen TV w/meditation music

  • Complimentary going home bath

  • 10x10ft cabin to sleep in


50% discount for 2nd, or 3rd dog in the same family, sharing accommodations. (has to be sharing a room)

10% discount for any stay of 8 nights or longer.



All dogs must have proof of current Rabies, Distemper, & Bordetella Vaccinations.

- We advise bringing your dog’s current proportioned food to better ensure stable digestion. We can also provide your dog(s) with Kirkland dog food in accordance with your instructions. If your dog(s) require special food or medication, please provide it with clear instructions as to its administration.


How to prepare?


- We suggest bringing your dog's favorite bed, blanket, toys, etc... to ensure better comfort at night. Dogs tend to gravitate to items that are familiar to them. So, bringing your pup's favorite blanket will alleviate some of the stress from being in a new environment.

- We also ask that you bring along your dog's food.




If you do choose to extend your stay, please call us to pay for the extension. If we do not receive a call and a payment from you, and you are extending your stay, then there will be a $50 no call no-show fee attached to your boarding bill



How does the process work? 


- When you arrive at WAGZ we will make a copy of your vet records. We require Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. 

- Then we will have you fill out our WAGZ "Join the pack" form, just asking for your info and emergency contact info. 

- Lastly, we will do a temperament test in our lobby. We test to make sure your dog is not human aggressive. IF your dog does growl, bite, or show its teeth to the handler in the lobby we will not be able to take your pup as it is unsafe for our staff members. 

- After everything stated above has been completed and was successful we will take your pup to our play yards for some fun!! 


Call us to Schedule Your Dog for boarding 
(702) 746-9249 or fill out the "Join the pack" form.